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Creative Writing

Nothing Worth Mentioning

He did nothing worth mentioning
An ordinary employee at a public institution
The sum of what he makes
One thousand three hundred and something pounds
He has no dependants
Not responsible for anyone but himself
He doesn’t confide to passing friends his hope or despair
He was very ordinary in content and in form
Not evil and not good
Not talented and not stupid
Not a lunatic and not a saint
Nor did he even have a story of fighting for livelihood in a foreign country
Which might have inspired cinema folk to make a film
Or at least made someone miss him at meals
He’s the type that you’d be surprised to see in a dream
Yet today he visited mine
Stood on the thin line (hair) between being and nothingness
With his eyes open
Walking down their/his dusty street
His footsteps leaving no trace behind him
Like he has no footfall.. On the ground/earth, it was like
He was moving but time was not
He was walking while we (all) stood fixed/frozen/nailed around him
Until the fog slowly swallowed him
Like the fictional hero of a legend
He did nothing worth mentioning
Except that he’s still standing on his (own) two legs

-    Mostafa Ibrahim
      Translated by Nariman Youssef