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Creative Writing

Sacred Steps

Sacred Steps

In the quest for faith, I am a seeker, a soul adrift,
In every step, I find my spirit uplift.
Life's purpose, crystal clear in its hue,
To worship the Almighty, in all I pursue.

As a nurse, I navigate the marvels of His creation,
Witnessing His artistry in every formation.
Beyond human grasp, His perfection shines bright,
Yet free from flaws, His design pure and right.

In serving others, I discover joy profound,
For His pleasure, every effort is bound.
The greatest reward, from Him alone it flows,
In His name, every act, a treasure glows.

With love as my compass, His pleasure my guide,
Each deed a tribute to His greatness worldwide.
In every service, His grace I seek to earn,
Knowing His pleasure, my heart does yearn.

With sincerity as my lantern, I walk this sacred road,
Value in quality, my belief bestowed.
For in His eyes, sincerity is key,
He cherishes the heartfelt, however few they may be.

The Most Praiseworthy, beyond all compare,
In His presence, I find solace, I find care.
Acknowledging our flaws, in Him we find grace,
His divine guidance, our compass in this race.

Mistakes are but lessons in His grand design,
In His forgiveness, our souls realign.
Guidance bestowed upon His chosen few,
In His wisdom, our hearts find their truest view.

Let tongues wag, let rumors fly,
Under His shelter, our spirits soar high.
For in His decree, true serenity lies,
In His will, we find peace that never dies.

In a world of injustice, we stand strong and bold,
In His mercy, our faith we firmly hold.
Seeking His grace, His guiding light,
In His embrace, all wrongs find their right.

So let our journey continue, steadfast and true,
In His love, our hearts anew.
Growing stronger as believers, as we go,
In His mercy, our faith forever does show.

- Anonymous