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Creative Writing



Hey, I had fun when we hungout last friday
Hey, why havent you been answering back to my messages?
Did I do something wrong why arent you speaking to me?
Is it something I did? I’m sorry.

You called me your friend but it didn’t feel like it
I just felt like i was being used and you took the best of it
All those times we hungout and talked was it even worth it?
I felt like my value didn't matter to you because of what you did

Our friendship was toxic thats why i ghosted
I started appearing less and I even stopped posting
I cherished All those talks we had, when you expressed your feelings
But did you ever think of me? I started contemplating 

Yeah you do care about me but everytime I spoke you butted in saying “me me me”
I realized was this friendship even worth it
When the person I loved didn’t even think about how i was mentally affected

I noticed my journal started pilling up
Pages and pages, All my emotions just balled up
August, june, july 
my summer came by and guess what? it got worse but you never asked why

Back to university, All the workload distracted me but now my time is free
My overthinking made me constantly feel like i was sinking
Like a ship that was broken into pieces
I wished you understood and that you would listen to me but you didnt 

We met up again and I mentioned the bad memories that happened 
Yet again you butted in saying you had better news 
What was it? Oh you have a girlfriend

After one year of friendship I slowly realized
Were better off slightly distant to make amends
You still ask me why I'm constantly busy
But dont you get it? You’ve hurt me
I cant easily let you go so, I’ll just let it be
A lovely quote that I learnt from the ladies toilet of my university ❤️ 

                                                                                         - Karmela Marquez