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Creative Writing

The last of us

In a world left broken, where hope is scarce,
We venture forth, through danger and despair.
With each step we take, we face our fears,
Chasing a dream, to conquer the tears.

Friends are a gift, in this new world so rough,
With their unwavering love, we become tough.
They guide us through, the harsh reality,
A light in the darkness, our true ability.

Love is the fire, that drives us on,
A bond so strong, that it can conquer all.
It gives us the courage, to keep moving ahead,
A force so powerful, it cannot be dead.

So let's chase our dreams, through the last of us,
With friends by our side, we'll never rust.
For life is a journey, that we must embark,
And in love and friendship, we'll leave our mark.

- Mary Nyokabi Kariuki