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Creative Writing

2024 #UCQpoetrycontest


in the 2024 #UCQpoetrycontest.

Who: The contest is open to all UCQ students.
What: Original poems can be submitted to the contest. Maximum 2 poems / student.
When: January 1 – February 1
Where: Poems should be submitted to by 23:59:59 on February 1, 2024.
All poems will be posted anonymously on the LC boards* throughout campus and 
in the “Creative Writing” LC guide.                
Why : Strengthen the UCQ community.
Writing poetry can increase nurses’ empathy, compassion, and critical thinking. 

Win amazing prizes! 

1st Prize     2nd Prize                3rd Prize   


Poetry Writing Tips
Understand your theme:
A theme is not the same as a topic: A topic might be  “anticipation” but a theme would be something like “the anticipation of graduating from UCQ.” 
Know your purpose before you start writing: How do you want people to feel after reading your poem?
Do you want them to be happy, sad, surprised, shocked, peaceful, angry? 
Avoid common subjects: It can seem like everything has been written about before, but really try to choose your own topic. Writing about your own experience can help you to do this. Try telling a story about your life.
A poem doesn’t have to rhyme: Most poems don’t rhyme. They use words creatively to express meaning but most poems don’t rhyme.

Write, read, revise, read, revise, etc.