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Creative Writing

contagious smile

contagious smile

She’s the girl with the contagious smile
The way She smile or the way She feel 
it is just something you won’t believe.

You turn  and look at her
 then you see the girl with the smile
She makes you happy just by her smile
people say it’s fake but do they know 

She makes you smile even when you’re sad it is just her and the way she is
this is her the girl with the contagious smile

She see you radiate sadness She comes up to you with a smile that will let you forget everything 
it is her and the way She make you feel
Spreading happiness is what She does this is her the girl that smile

She paints a ray of Sunshine all over her face
You see her beautiful soul through her smile 
Her eyes, Her lips, and her spirit all through this smile 

But do you know it is just her
A girl with a contagious smile.

                                                 - Aysha Saeed