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Creative Writing

This is Love

This is Love

Love is not supposed to be this grandeur experience
That we see in books and films
The great but cliche romantic tropes
That kind of love in our hopes

The kissing in the middle of the rain
Shower you with bouquets
Picture perfect moments
Still only in frame... in the brain

Love is not confined in that image
Not in that ideality
Nor in our feelings or social conformity
Actually, love is simpler in reality

Love is action
Not just attraction or passion
It's in our everyday "do"
The little things that we do

Love can simply be in the way you look at them
When the sun touches their face
Yes, there's love in that random embrace
As well as giving them space

There's affection in those forehead kisses
But also in cooking their favorite dishes
Making sure they're okay on sad days
And being patient in all their craze

There's romance in the plainest of words
Not just "I love you"
It's also seen in "What's new?"
Or maybe "We'll sort this through"

This is love.
Scattered in the everyday mundane
A love so big and vast it's subtle
That only eyes of gratitude
Upon it could stumble

- Angela Faith Pieres