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Creative Writing

A little heaven

A little heaven

Wish there was a place.
Where dreams embrace,
Where love surrounds.
A place for my pleasures to unfold.
Into the bottomless mind, untold.

A realm, where my tempers efface -
in a world full of abase.
Where nothing is a race;
For that pace,
drains the little me.

A sanctuary crafted with care and time.
Without an intention, just for me.
A space filled with peace and warmth,
to seek solace and find my grace
is all I ever chase.

It is heaven itself, my mind says.
But that’s concerning -
if I wish to attain.
Maybe, it was too much to ask for.

And then it dawned. 
A creak loud enough,
to snap my brief nap
from a frame so archaic.
It’s a slight disgrace, I thought –

Just as I am, 
if I hadn’t realized.
That heaven, was right beneath me.
Disguised as a Bed.
All this time.

- Anonymous