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Creative Writing

Love That Doesn't Dissipate

Love that doesn't dissipate -
Did I swallow it?
I'm taken up into the sky
delivered through the dust storm
it says to me to stay aloft.
Did it sway me with unlikeliness
still awake and so distracted
did it deny me sleep?
Love that doesn't dissipate -
did it seek me out so easily
refuse me sustenance
secure me with a strap
send me soaring into coming clouds?
Spellbound in morning
I seek no nurse, find no surgeon -
has it sunk me to my knees?
Love that doesn't dissipate -
did it incite a riot in me?
Forcing through close passages
inside my lungs, beside my ribs
suffusing my bloodstream
and in my muscles and my marrow 
striking at my stunned heart
to hover where I'm most exposed.

-    Maxamuud Maxamed Yaasiin “Dheeg”        

     Translated by Maxamed Xasan ‘Alto’