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Creative Writing



The companion of my soul, they are my joy and solace,
They are my path and the root of my comfort.
How fortunate I am, for I have acquired from this world,
The company of kind hearts, they are the balm to my wounds.

They are the ones who make me laugh with their presence,
They are the stars in my darkened sky,
They are my shelter when my eyes rain tears,
They are my ship when floods threaten to drown my thoughts.

They are my shoulders when mine grow weary,
They are the raining clouds in my barren land,
They mend my path when it cracks apart,
They are the candles in my dark forest.

In them, I find my happiness,
I praise the Creator for the gift of their noble companionship,
In this vast world.
If I could, I would offer them my heart,
Encased in a golden box, embroidered with my feelings,
And my gratitude towards them.

- Anonymous