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Creative Writing


Education is weird these days

Sometimes, we do not want to learn

Slavery under the disguise of textbooks

Receiving good grades is what we yearn

Scared of being nobody, and there is no way out

Slaving the library everyday

Exhausted, battered and dehydrated like the result of a drought

Knowledge is a blessing

But being under the thumb of sponsors

Being under the thumb of debt

Damaging your mental health, and fear of letting your parents down

Got a man stressing!

Some days you want to go all out

Some days you feel like you’re going to fall

Some days you just want to risk it all

Some days you question yourself, drop out could be the key

You could have been Steve Jobs or even Mark Twain

You could have been something big

Bigger than what you dreamt of

Look, it’s ok to fear the unknown

But remember, education is the foundation

For any person, country or nation

So best believe, when I tell you

The future is ours to make

It’s going to be a long but rewarding road

So let us take the control, and shape our path

To make the reality, bigger than our dreams


                                                - Abdinasir Abdullah Osman