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Creative Writing

Beyond Two Sides

When I was little
I thought life was simple
Everything looked so easy
Always clear and never blurry.

A right is obviously right
That you easily see with your sight
A wrong is obviously wrong
That just does not belong.

I've been taught my whole life
To always watch out for high tides
But I never knew what pulled the strings
I never saw what the moon's pull brings.

Fairy tales have always begun
With a knight destined to slay the dragon
But they never featured the princess' actions
She could save herself with her own weapons.

I only saw the black and white
The sun and moon, the day and night
But then I realized something funny
There's more than two sides to every story.

It's not just simple, it's never easy
It's more than just the cries and glee
It won't always be okay
But life's more beautiful that way.

                                      - Myka Samonte