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Creative Writing

The Hearts Embrace

O heart that aches, with grief untold
Hiraeth grips, soul ties in knots so bold
Self-sabotage, a flaw so dire
But healing comes, through love's own fire

In shadows deep, where heart doth break
Remembrances of love's sweet ache
Yet within the night, a gleam of light
That shines so bright, with love's fair sight

For love endures, through memories and dreams
Its spirit lingers, like the river that gleams
And though the past doth haunt and hold, 
The present yields the power, to unfold

Like Yemaya, the African goddess bright
Whose love so true, did lead her to her plight
Of death so bleak, in sacrifice so grand
For love she kept, with heart in hand

Yet from the waves, of this love so strong
Her spirit rises, in a new found song
And in her tale, we find the truth to see
That love endures, for all eternity

So let the heartbreak be a lesson learned
And let the healing fire within burn
For love endures, and will always be
A guiding light, in life and eternity.

- Mary Nyokabi Kariuki