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Creative Writing

Hate, Love, and I

Hate, Love, and I

In the intricate dance of emotions where your name resounds.
A powerful refrain, lifting me up or leaving me in tearful bounds.
Echoing broken promises, a familiar and haunting song.
Every vow of change, deceptive notes I’ve danced to for too long. 

Apologies uttered with every lyric committed to memory.
A script recited, a monologue of feigned empathy.
Though no finger raised nor explicit threat declared,
your words, like unseen blades, cut deep, wounds bared.

For every ounce of love, you generously bestow.
Lurks an ounce of pain, concealed in the shadow. 
For every word of love and comfort the heart desperately craves,
is another word that loses its meaning, soul crashing like waves.

In fairytales, love's meaning I keenly sought,
but reality unveiled a different script, a lesson taught.
You see, I learned when love lacks nurture, it takes a different turn.
Transforming into hate, a flame to burn.

Hate often leads the way, a force unyielding.
Love follows closely, an unwavering feeling.
I'm often caught in between trying to decide,
in this emotional turmoil, where to reside.

I question myself constantly - do I hate you, or is it more?
Love and hate entwined, a seemingly inseparable core.
Yet what I truly despise, against reason's view,
is that despite every reason not to, I will always choose to love you.

This tale isn’t of a lover’s strife or betraying friend,
But a fractured bond that is too wounded to mend.
This tale weaves pain of a broken heart, you see.
A heart shattered by one—my father, once to me.

- Anonymous