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Creative Writing

The strength of my life

The strength of my life 
I found the strength of my life
In the eyes of a person who strived

He stood days and nights to give my home a light 
Dusty winds, sunny days and freezing nights became his fights 

He never complained of anything that hurt him 
And hid his clothes that got trimmed

Against all the odds and cultural rules
He gave me the courage to make my moves

He became my shadow 

At my time of shallow

He became my power 

To make my voice louder

I started to fly 

To reach the sky

I made my dreams come true 

To show him what I can do

I became his pride 

By which I cried 

For me his trust was everything 

That was most precious than anything 

He was no one but my father 
The HERO with all my

                                                      - Jawaher Matiullah