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Creative Writing

Rinse and Repeat

Rinse and Repeat

you said you loved me
about a million times 
you played out a romance movie
an oscar worthy act  
all that softness, compassion, and emotion 
the type that made onlookers want to fall in love
it was everything I thought I was undeserving of  
you held me and promised I was safe with you
then you added me to the 97% — what a follow through

you laughed about it afterwards
and I'll still never know 
if it was out of fear 
or amusement 
I stayed silent 
and somehow this still quiet
gave you unjust liberty
to brag to strangers 
like an accomplishment 
because boys will be boys 
their actions always rationalized 
but for a woman to speak out?
it's a self serve guillotine, gossip to eat up

- Anonymous