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Creative Writing


Something took your memory
And hid it in a cage
All your thoughts seem empty
Is it because of your age?

You don't remember my name
But I'm your only child
I know you'd never be the same
So I kept the agony and smiled.

Sometimes you recognize me
Most of the times you do not.
Your eyes that shine so brightly
Are the same ones that forgot.

Will a moment ever come
For rainbows to spread over black?
A day I could grant you your freedom
And give you your memories back.

I see someone who raised me
When I stare into your eyes
But the moment you reached sixty
You started saying your goodbyes.

I feel the familiar touch
Whenever I hold your hand
But even if I tried so much
You'd always leave and stand.

You never looked over your shoulder
To take a single glance
To smile at your hopeless daughter
To give hope a second chance.

                               - Myka Samonte