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Desert Whales

Desert Whales

Excuse me, Confucius, lend me your ear,
In the desert's grasp, truth stands blazingly clear.
Through trials faced in unforgiving expanse,
Life's dance unfolds, leaving its trance.

Confucius, you spoke of oceans far and wide,
Whales, giants of the sea, in deep waters, they glide.
And yet, you pondered about these arid lands
Greatest of whales helpless succumb to desert's demands.

However, Confucius, you missed this tale untold,
Desert whales, in sands both brave and bold.
Transforming dunes into their vast backyards,
Strength embodied into a mighty force to regard.

Unknown to your eternal and profound visions,
Desert whales thrive on insurmountable precision.
A simple wrong turn could spell their demise,
What a treacherous place, oh Confucius, the wise.

In truth, I too, like you Confucius, blind,
Unaware of tales that life would bind.
A journey with friends, anxiety in tow,
Into the desert's grasp, with courage, we go.

No landmarks guide, just dunes to the sky,
Fear and worry reached a daunting high.
My friend, the driver, a smile firmly in place,
Confident, as if danger left no trace.

Little did I grasp, in that perilous ride,
My comrade, a desert whale, fearlessness as his guide.
Through rugged dunes, he steered with elegant grace,
Determined in the desert's immense embrace.

Up and down, like a seasoned seafarer,
On sandy waves, our vessel, an adventurous bearer.
Anchored on a hill, amidst the shifting sand,
Time passed; winds failed to disband.

A moment cherished beneath the desert's art,
Traces of our path etched, immune to winds that part.
Confucius, in wisdom vast and grand,
Desert whales endure a saga in the sand.

- Zehra Salahuddin