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Creative Writing

Stories Lay Forgotten

Stories Lay Forgotten

I still vividly remember
The sound of pages turning.
Your face
As you gazed upon me
with curiosity
Reading me with eyes that showed
me the world
The world that I could have
never known

I still vividly remember
How I longed for you to come to me
Every day I lay waiting
Hoping. Seeking. Longing.
And when you finally came, I 
remember bliss

I still vividly remember 
How you carefully held me and
looked at me
You saw me beyond my covers and I 
was grateful
I felt important. I felt needed.
At that moment, my
existence mattered.

And I still vividly remember
How after everything, I
laid forgotten
Collecting dust like how the
universe collected stars
How I hoped you would still come
How I hoped you would
remember me
And you didn't. But I still
vividly remember

- Rachel Casipit