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Creative Writing

Out of My League

How can a 10 go for a 5?

You're out of my league, shall I strive?

You're perfect, let's start there

Your eyes, your smile, your perfect colored hair

I'm scared to know what you'd say

If I'm honest, I think you'll run far away

I'm afraid I'm just not good enough

I'm no diamond, just a simple rock

But your type you say so simply

Oh if only you could see the inside of me

I wish I could make you realize

How perfect you are in my sight

How you bring color into my life

How you make everything worth the strive

With one smile, you can make my day shine

How I wish I could call you mine

But I'm just me, 5 out of 10

There are so many other handsome men

You're way out of my league

Nothing I can do can intrigue

I'm far gone, far too cursed

Am I not enough to go deeper in your universe?

What could a guy like me ever really offer?

You're perfect as you can be; I guess you won't care if I bother

Everyday, it is you I see

How can anybody be perfect as you can be?

You're way out of my league

Completely out of my reach

Why have I fallen for you? What a blur.

I wish I hadn't, I wonder why I let this occur?

Anyway, your hair's so dazzling and it's just so fine

It's always perfect, never messy like mine

Your eyes, the color of chocolate, with a shape of a bubble

Resting behind your glasses, elated.. and mine's feeble

You may have better options, would you go with a guy like me?

Or will my fruitless perseverance finally convince me of my deplorability?

Will I find no importance in my life, just tortures from the start?

I know life's not easy but I never thought it to be so hard

And still..

Every single day, it is you that I want to see

How can anybody be so perfect as you can be

You were never in my league

It is you that's so far from my reach

I know, more than friends we could never be?

That's okay, at least you still talk to me..

But wait, it's not going to end that way

It's all up to me and now I pray

Signs and answers, oh please come to me

Will I try and make my dreams reality?

It could be a totally different story

But you're out of my league, I know

Will I have to risk our friendship and our tomorrow?

Or shall I keep in silence and vanish with the flow?

Will I just have to let you go?

Seeing that you're way too perfect, what to do?

I. don't. know.