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Creative Writing

My Way

               My Way 
I fight with myself day to day 
Just to find out how is my way
I have the power to express my words and say
But every time its difficult to begin my essay
I want to share with you today
To forget my past and yesterday
I am a GIRL they said,
Who should be silent and obeying
Her eyes should be to the ground all her way 
She should not raise her voice in her say
She is meant for home to stay
For her man, she has to bend
Suffer for all that he demands
This is not the end, there is a lot they tend
It made me sad being a GIRL, and offend
I didn’t believe in what they said
Because I knew in everything a GIRL is head
She has the power to defeat those cowards
And show the world how she got forward
I found the ways, to brighten up my days
Bravery, Courage and Power are the keys for her to play

                                                                                  - Jawaher Matiullah