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Creative Writing

Journey of Self-Love

Journey of Self-Love

In the river of thoughts, where I tend to roam,
Overthinking currents, like ripples that foam.
Worries and sorrows, a dance they display,
Breaking down walls, making peace sway.

Trying to help myself, a journey that's tough,
Lost in a puzzle, where the pieces are rough.
Apologies flow, forgiveness like a breeze,
Worries about others, in the mind, they tease.

Guilt hangs around, even for things unknown,
A heavy feeling, like seeds that are sown.
Loneliness whispers, a quiet little sound,
Will love find me, in the world around?

Feeling a bit lost, like a ship set adrift,
In a world where love is a delicate gift.
Yet in quiet moments, strength is found,
A journey of self-love, on solid ground.

Forgiving my thoughts, letting them soar,
Embracing solitude, by the open shore.
In life's chaos, a rhythm beats strong,
A journey of healing, where I belong.

- Tanha Tabassum Arifa