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Creative Writing

The meaning of life in a word

The meaning of life in a word

Love, care, safe
All of these are just words
No matter what No matter why
Just I need a word
What makes me happy ......
Pretty lie used to see as love
Happy life used to live with full of care
For a long time
For a long and long and long
Me, Mom, Dad
A family used to love each other
Used to be connected
Used to be together
And that is a fact
Where we are now
Dispersed and parted
And I do not know why
Fake life fake love
I see it in your eyes
I do not know why
And I do not know why all that
The only word that I have for you
May God forgive you
And the meaning of hate I do not know it
Even with the lies that I live it with you
Just I learned 2 important things from you 
Love and happiness

                                         - Amna Mohamed