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Creative Writing


Yesterday, I was no one in this place
This place that each one will compose their own life
Walking and balancing in a thread to write my own life
Is this really the journey that I will advance?
Observing the surrounding with all these people
Am I really going to survive here?
Thinking that I will give it a chance,
Maybe I was fooling myself this time
Hardships in between came and tested me
Is this the right choice I made?
Endless stress and sleepless nights for the decision I made
Is this what I wanted to achieve?
Days, weeks, months, and years pass by nothing change
Did I made a right decision here?
Contemplating and observing the environment that I was in yesterday
I stood up and a smile appears in their faces today
Looking at those people as I step on to take my final bow
I told myself, Yes I made the right decision that made me grow

                                                               - Kimberly Navarro