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Creative Writing

Would You Rather Be...

Would You Rather Be…

Would you rather be the sun with its radiant crown?
Associated with power, gives energy when someone feels down.
Provides a warm feeling,
Then turns our world dark when setting.

Would you rather be the moon who’s serenely mysterious?
A bright torch with innumerable stars that seems glamorous.
Those long, long nights that are comfortably cold.
The one who brightly lightens up our gloomy world.

When the sun is nowhere to be found,
The moon illuminates brightly around
United with dancing, dazzling stars. Oh, what a sight!
This bright light guides us to the right path with all its might.

When the moon hides up in the skies,
Here comes the sun, finally opened its eyes.
As the new day brings a new beginning,
May this day be extremely fulfilling.

The sun never failed to go back.
The moon never left and stayed on its track.
It hurts when you look at the golden sun (Oh I really can’t!)
But you can stare at the moon as long as you want.

Again, it’s time for the world’s darkest hour.
The sun sets and the moon shows how lovely the nights are.
The cycle repeats and the sun will rise again soon.
Would you rather be the sun or the moon?

                                                                            - Charlene Jacob