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Creative Writing



Sometimes life gets worse before it gets better!
As human being living within this beautifully chaotic world
Our existence is woven together by threads of delicate impermanence
Change is our only constant
We are caught in an endless state of becoming
Breathing creations itself through our lungs
So, it would only make sense that in this eternal womb of metamorphosis
Darkness is essential to our inner evolution.

Your soul starves for experience to fuel her growth
And often the most powerful truths are unearthed in moments of discomfort
Learn to fall in love with uncertainty
And she will take you on one hell of a ride.

Let your fears excite you instead of isolating you
It’s pretty fun to surrender and fall
Then watch as the pieces of your life gradually come together in peace.
For me I have really no goal or plan in going to places
I just know I needed to
The people and moments I had experienced are beyond what I could have dreamed
So, journey on kids
This Earth is getting good again
Keep your head up child
Keep your head up!

                                               - Anonymous