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Creative Writing



It seems like a new day
As the sun from the east arises
But it's far from a new beginning
When a surprise from the west arrives

A decades-old catastrophe
Caused an innocent's despair
With blurring lines of victory
The damages are beyond repair

Like a miner in search
Of a treasure underground
Every layer of rubble
There a body was found

No smile will be seen
In this treasure hunt, but grieving
A massacre of some sort
A genocide in the making

In this open-air prison
What is it like to be free
To escape an apartheid state
From the river to the sea

These odds that were created
Were never in anyone's favor
Will the fire ever cease
Since death is the only victor

The deeds of being humane
Should be taken into accord
For peace is a luxury
That they can't afford

- Angela Faith Pieres