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Creative Writing

Health and Safety as One

Health and safety is of prime concern

Because we never know when things overturn

Maybe you’re just casually walking around

And a hazard is present and you end up lying on the ground

There are too many hazards out there

Like by just simply sitting long hours in a chair

If your posture is wrong then be aware

That’s an ergonomic hazard right there so be square

Now let’s tackle the physical dangers

In a hospital setting it’s never a stranger

Noise, radiation, slips, trips and fall

We should be more than careful not to risk it all

Another hazard is related to psychosocial

Things like shift-work, violence and stress can be crucial

It is true that we can never avoid things like these

But if you see a person suffering, talk to them and try to put them at ease

There’s a lot more hazards present in a workplace

That’s why rules and precautions are there for us to embrace

Some people may be aware and some surely won’t

And it’s up to us Youth to promote