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Creative Writing

A Student Nurse Journey

A Student Nurse Journey

In the quiet halls of healing, where white coats roam,
A nursing student works, her spirit finding home.
Through sleepless nights and lonely charts,
She bears the weight of healing hearts.

In textbooks dense with knowledge test,
Her tired eyes seek wisdom that will forever last.
The power of study, a constant friend,
Yet in the loneliness, resilience was kept. 

The stethoscope whispers tales untold,
Of struggles faced, of stories hold.
In the shallowed silence, a dream takes flight,
A soul striving toward the light.

Through trials endured, and tears unseen,
She builds a bridge to where dreams were real.
For in the quiet moments, strength is found,
A nurse emerges, sure and profound.

Beyond the weirdness, beyond the strife,
She charts a SBAR, to transform a life.
In the realm of healing, where compassion is hold,
A student nurse transforms into a beacon in the world.

- Eman Nassar