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Creative Writing

Believe in Yourself

I am a 3rd year student right now

And my feelings are like wow!

One more year and I’ll bid UCQ ciao

I’m so excited to get up that stage and take a bow

I can’t help but be scared because I might fail

But I swear to all of you that I will not bail

The pressure is building, can’t let it prevail

Nothing’s going to ever make me derail

Surely the road to graduating will be a challenging marathon

I’ll show my parents a performance that will make them say “What a phenomenon”

No stepping back, just forwards like a Chess’s pawn

So trials and tribulations, come here and bring it on!

I know I can do this because I believe in myself

I’ll no longer be keeping my books on my bookshelf

This last year I’ll bring out the best in me

Because for sure, that’s the only key

And I will graduate very happy next year

Just believe in myself because there’s nothing to fear

This is for my future, nothing can interfere

My parents will be full of joy and they’ll shed a tear