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Creative Writing

Benefits of Creative Writing for Nursing Students

Creative writing can be fun AND improve academic writing.....WHAT?! 
But really...
Creative writing motivates 
and self-expression” (Hanauer, 2011, p. 112).

Writing poetry helps students “learn

  • vocabulary,  
  • grammar and  
  • integrated language skills” (Ahmad, 2014, p. 131).


“Along with purposeful, specific use of language, writing poetry also offers
great benefits for building literacy and language acquisition” (Kolk, 2015, para. 6).

Writing poetry can increase student nurses’

  • empathy, 
  • compassion (Coleman & Willis, 2015), and  
  • critical thinking (Coleman & Willis, 2015; Hunter, 2002).


All of these benefits help poets “stimulate their relationship with language” (Holmes & Gregory, 1998, p. 1192).



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