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Creative Writing



And then one day you will make peace with all the trouble and chaos that hover around you, 
The sadness that grips you,
The madness that grinds you,
You’ll make peace with all your monsters that you’ve been constantly trying and failing.
And trying to push away,
They’ll all still be there right around you
Hopelessness, desperation
Inconsequentiality, destruction
All these feelings will still co-exist and surround you.

But one day you’ll make peace with all of them and come out strong,
And that is when probably for the first time in your life,
That is when you keep your words and promises true and alive.

Life can show no mercy darling,
It can tear your soul apart unexpectedly,
But see my dear
That is the reminder to catch your goal gently, do that
And rest of the things will come to you for sure!

So be the hero of your own
Be the king of your own
Don’t give up on your dreams
Even if the society sucks you hard!

Hardship in life make you stronger, so it’s a part not a block
It’s the proof that you’re running an amazingly beautiful life than anyone else in the world.

Sunshine will pierce right into your heart
And Love will welcome you Home.

                                                                 - Anonymous