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Creative Writing

A man's best friend

A man’s best friend

Your brown eyes watch my every move
Tail wagging as soon as I come near
The joy on your little face is infectious
You never fail to brighten my day. 

I remember when you were just a puppy
A little teddy bear I used to hug
Grew up to be 10.5 kilograms of pure excitement and loyalty.

The most lovable thing I’ve ever met
So precious and so gentle
Always ready to protect me, 
But that’s the one thing I couldn’t do.

I should’ve held your leash tighter. 
I should’ve seen that car coming. 

You crossed the rainbow bridge that day, and you cross my mind every day.

Fly high my furry little angel, my best friend of 6 years
I hope they have tennis balls in heaven
And butterflies for you to chase as you please.

- Hind Itani