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Creative Writing

Ecstasy of another world

Ecstasy of another world

I closed my eyes
and woke up in dark gloomy day
we're stars can be glared
where I can look at canals as clear as blue

roads are clear
minds are kept in track
keeping my ears on tune
to make me feel safe and secured

how great is our place
where everything can be in a cloud
full of information
that every bit can be found

time has stop
where people aren't busy with worldly things
we're I can be free
to be who I wanted me to be

as scary as it gets
I will not be afraid
where I am placed
in the land full of wise men

something that cannot be seen
as powerful as the mighty sword
where people are kept
back to its own nature

some may lose faith
others will come to a full stop
maybe that's what we needed
to go back and reflect

little by little
I stand up
being brave and saying that I can
like All the battles that I faced before

still I think of what the world would be
will lessons be learn
or will it be a memory of the past
no one can say what the world would decide

it's too far back to dream
where words are repeatedly changing
should our world change
that's up to those whom we look up the most

spare this moment that you're free
to love those we forget
to give those who wander for us
to smile because we are blessed

                                                     - John Michael Glodoveza