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Creative Writing

Hard Love

It was hard love, every step
of the way,
Hard to be so close to you,
so hard to turn away,
And when all the stars and
sentimental songs dissolved
There was nothing left to
sing about but hard love.
So I loved you for your
courage and your gentle
sense of shame,
And I loved you for your
laughter, language and your
And I knew it was
impossible, but I loved you
just the same,
Though the only love I gave
to you was hard love,
So I’ll tell you that I love you
even though I’m far away,
And, I’ll tell you how you
change me as I live from day
to day,
How you help me to accept
myself and I won’t forget to
Love is never wasted, even
when it’s hard love.
Yes, it’s hard love, but it’s
love all the same,
Not the stuff of fantasy but
more than just a game.
And the only kind of miracle
that’s worthy of the name,
For the love that heals our
lives is mostly hard love.

- Anonymous