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Creative Writing

I'm Ugly

            I’m ugly

The words that define me
The words that I said to me
When I didn’t like myself the other day

You’re ugly
The words that you told urself
But I think you’re pretty 
So, I questioned my identity
If you’re ugly then am I ugly?

I’m ugly
Did I ever think of my personality 
Looking in the mirror
I only saw a monster
Who hated herself like no other

Now if you tell me I’m ugly
No I wont get mad
But do you think I’d be glad?
Because society spoke first about that

See social media said I was ugly
Comparing myself, I looked kinda funny
My eyes, my nose, my mouth exists
But all I cared about was “did I fit in?”

To the standards of this society
Our perception of beauty
Is looked upon externally 

My brain, my heart, my soul 
Did it matter?
They spoke to me
Like a mad hatter

Now tell me 
Am i ugly?
say Yes or no?
It will based on you personally

Now ask me 
Am i ugly?
No, because my worth 
Is not based on you 
if you ask me

I am not ugly.

                           - Karmela Marquez