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Creative Writing



So common aren’t they?
Yet why does every one feel like a new one I give
I give my all
My weakness, my strengths and my loyalty Yet I am never enough.
I want
I want it all
Yet it never seems to want me back. My tears
My tears fall
Sliding down my cheeks, in the abyss of my own pity I want
I want it all
But does it want me back Love
Love will come At its own time You will know
You will always know
And yet when I never do, I breakdown like a sulking baboon I want
I want it all
Yet it never seems to want be back I cry
I cry it all
Yet the pain seems to be staying in its mighty hall.

I don’t
I don’t want you anymore But this stupid heart ignores Oh my god
He is the best
His words strike me the best His words are prongs of evil.
A necessary poison to fill my so called bane of existence He knows
And yet he plays
With a heart so fragile that craves For attention, For love,
Validation at its most basic form For attention, For love Validation at its most basic form

He is pretty in the eyes A gentlemen at heart
A sly guy with the cobra stings

A sting so good, that even I wouldn’t resist
I am obsessed and crazy Let me live life
Oh fingers of thinking I am done
I am done
I am done hoping
That people like me have the ability to fall in love And people have the ability to fall for people like me It’s time I pull back my cards
And play the real game of hearts

- Anonymous