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Creative Writing

Echoes of a Time Long Past

Echoes of a Time Long Past
the echoes of what once was
will soon ripple through the halls
the emptiness that grew in the spaces
with people new and old whose traces

will be felt.

what will there be left to feel,
if everyone that built this;
a legacy to uphold
moments left to the cold;
most of us gone by winter of 2024.

we'll take it with us, of course.
there will be solace in knowing
that we may leave through these doors
with the memory of a milestone passed

fast-paced, just traces
steadfast, all the faces
recollections just flash—
a vision to outlast

treasure what time you have left
what you think is quite a while
will flash in the blink of an eye

so, hold your head up high
walk the halls one last time
go through your trials with pride
dry up the tears you’ve cried
show them that you’ve made some strides

like a ripple that has reached its last waves
it’ll be over one day
do your best to make it last;
the echoes of a time long past

- Anna Isabella Mariano