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Creative Writing

Portrait of a Dreamer's Heart

Portrait of a Dreamer's Heart

In a world of dreams and loving hearts,
A simple girl with her unique parts.
Overflowing with passion, a soul that beams,
Yet sometimes adrift in silent streams.

A people pleaser, always lending a hand,
Never saying no, her heart so grand.
Care and love, her guiding light,
Spreading warmth in the darkest night.

But beneath that smile, a subtle sigh,
Feeling alone as the days pass by.
The weight she bears, yet often unseen,
A giver of light, in her own serene.

Some days, a dreamer with skies to chase,
Lacking the spark to quicken her pace.
A heart that longs for that inner fire,
Struggling against the daily mire.

Yet, in quiet moments, she stops to find,
The earth's embrace, so beautifully kind.
Breathing in the world, feeling its worth,
Grateful for life, on this vast earth.

For within her depths, a universe to see,
A girl with love and dreams to set free.
In moments of pause, she finds her grace,
A simple girl, in her unique space.

- Tanha Tabassum Arifa