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Creative Writing

Where is home

Where is home 

Come, take my hand to a place called home, 
Where solitude and peace freely roam.
Defeated by loneliness in this estranged space,
Trying to find peace in a bloody war place. 

Through shadows cast by the moon's soft glow,
I'll guide you where the gentle breezes blow.
A haven awaits, a sanctuary to roam, 
Escape the chaos, find solace and home. 

In the echoes of silence, our steps align;
A refuge emerges, a haven divine.
Leave behind the echoes of the war's cruel tone,
Embrace the serenity that's uniquely your own. 

I thought I  made it but it was a hollow dream.
Like All dreams, it unravels at the seam
In the arms of tranquillity, let worries suspend, 
A dream's illusion, where realities blend

- Anonymous