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Creative Writing

My hero

My hero
Everyone has a hero
No matter what this hero do
Boys hero like superman
Girls hero prince in a white horse
Or even young ladies’ handsome man with full of romance
But my hero is special
Full of encouragement
Full of life
Full of happiness
I fell in love with this hero
How to be brave
How to be honest
How to be confident
I learn it from my hero
Even if I have done a mistake
From the first moment forgive me and forget about what happened
Weakness point we have been through it
Suffering ........
Pain ...........
In my hero face
When I see my hero face fill with tears
I cannot handle it with seeing this scene
I keep it in my heart without letting my hero notice
I pray and pray to see my lovely hero in a good mood and health
The lovely ... the brave ...
The person that full of happiness has back
Yes ...
And in a loud voice without any hesitation
I will admit by saying
I love you till the end of my life
In a different languages
Te amo mi heroe
Seni seviyorum kahramanım
I love you my superhero

                                                     - Amna Mohamed