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Creative Writing



                    Perfect love
I think that was the most perfect meaning
of love and finishing another version is
difficult cuz I'm always gonna be looking
for a copy 1 and it's almost impossible.
The ultimate understanding even better
than me understanding myself, the true
love, the caring…. it was just something
extraordinary…. I miss that.

                      Forget you
Since I fell in love with you/ since I got
associated with you/ since I met you my
life hasn't been the same. Almost every
day is a hell. It's not the love but how I got
used to you. You were my best friend,
brother, father, and everything. Losing you
feels like losing a family member. I left you
cuz I couldn't settle for something that is
humiliating to say. I had a concept that I
couldn't just throw behind my back and
endure. See let me say that you embraced
my life and ruined it at the same time.
When am I gonna forget you?..

I felt your presence every night. Those few
nights I couldn't.. I tried my best to have
that connection and reassurance that
you're living and good. It feels like you're
pushing me way too hard nowadays . My
heart and soul are preparing a farewell
against my will. It's really weird how I can't
feel your existence anymore. I'm losing
that connection of consoling your heart.

How many more months left to let you go
and not worry about your well-being?

- Anonymous