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Creative Writing

Long Slow Distance

Long Slow Distance 
All alone she watched a movie. 
Playing on the big screen is the opening scene. 
The theater silent with echoing whispers; 
and yet, these things seem to distract her. 
While the main characters play their part, 
her eyes focused on the blue sky before them. 
How does one picture such perfection? 
A picturesque scenario under a filter. 
As the credits roll, 
She thinks about the characters and 
how films seem to progress so fast. 
She wonders why hers goes by slowly. 
Will she eventually find her purpose? 
She got up from her seat, slowly, as though 
she was a phoenix from the ashes. 
Painfully, she smiles, as if she wasn’t alone. 
She believes she’s enough to get through it all. 
She tells herself: "the distance  
is long and slow."
 Hold your head up, move forward,  
and believe in better days. 

- Rafaela Cortez