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Creative Writing

The Unseen Friend

The Unseen Friend

I see her there, 
Ranting about her day with a grin so rare. 
Her eyes fall to me and she looks away, 
Like she can't handle the vibe I send her way. 

I walk by her hoping she might send a wave of greeting, 
But she keeps ranting and avoiding. 

She has new friends now, every day is a new adventure to her, 
And I am stuck here, rewinding memories of her. 

Does she notice that I want to be her friend?
Does she notice that I am in solitude?
Does she notice that I adore her intelligence?
Does she notice that she makes me happy?

Does she notice at all?

I live my days again, 
Of being the unknown friend. 
I live my traumas again, 
Of being the invisible friend.
I live my era again, 
of being seen yet, unseen friend. 

- Anonymous