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Creative Writing

Like water

Like water

Love me like you love water…
When it’s July 27th and sweat is dripping down everyone’s back 
Sweet jazz plays in the background
As you sway - softly 
Smoke in one hand,
Glass in the other.

Love me like you love water,
On December 15th.
The jumpers are finally being pulled down from the top of your wardrobe 
And the snows beginning to settle on the ground.
You run a bath that’s slightly to warm 
but it’s okay,
because once you step into it’s embrace you physically feel your worries melting away.

Love me like you love water,
When it’s two am and everything is wrong in the world.
And all you want is to get away.
As far away as you can.
So you find yourself sitting in front of the ocean,
And she is peace,
And open ears.
And you scream your worries into her
Knowing her waves will make a mockery out of them.

Love me like you love water,
When you see the tears well up in my eyes.
So proud of everything that you’ve achieved,
Look how far you’ve come.
I always knew you would make it.
On the road to growing 
Becoming the best you there possibly could be.

Love me 
Like you love water 
One last time.

- Rumaisa Uddin