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Creative Writing

2020 #communitypoems

UCQ poets agree with the literature!

Creative writing can be fun AND improve academic writing.

Critical Thinking

Writing poetry can increase student nurses’ critical thinking (Coleman & Willis, 2015; Hunter, 2002).

[Creative writing] gives the readers a chance to...develop their critical reading skills (Myka Samonte, 2020).


Creative writing motivates “self-discovery, self-understanding and self-expression” (Hanauer, 2011, p. 112).

[Creative writing] helps you discover yourself and at the same time convey the message you want to share with other people (Myka Samonte, 2020).

[Creative writing] helps a lot of students to express themselves through writing (John Glodoveza, 2020).

The best part is you can express infinitely when you write using infinite words (Sharon Benjy, 2020).

I learnt about my own capabilities in expressing my thoughts creatively (Karmela Marquez, 2020).

Stimulate Language

All of these benefits help poets “stimulate their relationship with language” (Holmes & Gregory, 1998, p. 1192).

Creative writing allows people to value the beauty of literature (Myka Samonte, 2020).

Sometimes, freedom is in being able to explore one’s self, courage is in being able to face it, and poetry is being you, a free you! (Daniah Moreno, 2020)

Creative writing allows me to share my story in a way I understand concepts rather than when following a set of rules (Karmela Marquez, 2020).

[The #UCQpoetrycontest] gave urge to write more and express the world around me (Sharon Benjy, 2020).