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Creative Writing

A friend of mine

A friend of mine
It is not enough to say, friend
It is more than a friend
She was with me in the joyful events
she was with me in the sad events
Even though if I fall my friend taking my hand and bring me back
but the bad reality
My friend that I see with her the beauty of life is not with me
bad fact but this is life
if I want or not, I must accommodate the fact
I must accept the absence of my friend
even if I am unable to face the reality
I must be strong with life challenges
being able to accommodate the new changes
And remembering my friend in happy events
from my life, I learn lessons
If I fall once I must stand up again
If I cry once, I must forget what I went through, and be happy again
Even if I accustomed to see my friend, I still have a place in my heart and mind to always remember my friend

- Amna Mohamed