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Creative Writing

Battle Scars

Battle Scars

The world didn’t stop
when I wanted it to.
The world remained whole
as I was breaking in two.

The trees, they danced
as the empty wind blew.
The flowers kept blooming;
people around me, too

Things happen for a reason
but sometimes they don’t.
Sometimes, you remain
stuck in a season,
questioning why
your whole life’s postponed.

Sometimes, you lose people
to concretes and gravestones;
Sometimes, you lose hope
to tragedies overgrown.

But even if I blame the world
for the way it never stopped,
for the way it never bothered
when I couldn’t catch up.

I look at the flowers sometimes,
thank them for blooming still.
For the beauty the world paints
as I’m struggling to heal.

Time doesn’t heal all wounds
but that’s how we survive.
With battle scars and ghosts
stitched to our undersides.

And I know I’m being held
by these bonds made stronger.
From the battles that I win
even when I’m not a fighter.

Things happen for a reason
and at times when they don’t,
we find our own reasons
from wounds etched to the bones.

With tragedy written
all over our pain and loss,
we find the single verse
that sings of hope.

And with a heart
that beats stronger still.
We find a new purpose
even if we’re not fully healed.

- Angela Faith Pieres