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Creative Writing

Bubblegum Tragedy

Take a piece of gum, and chew it

Do it for a while, and then throw it

Start anew, keep on chewing

Until you lose the flavor

Throw it away, and keep on hunting

Hunt for a substitute

Typical human behavior

So now, take the concept of gum, and apply it to us

How many people’s souls did we take?

And decided to throw it under the bus

We killed our own brothers, and ate their flesh

We chewed up our own sisters, with the fresh flavor of lust

Savour the taste, spit it out, and left them in the dust

We treat our own kind like miners, and manipulate them for our desires

Man, let me just keep it simple

Greed always has been a dark trait for humanity

Like an AIDS going throughout the immunity

To the oppressor, it did not matter who used for what

To us, it’s not us; so why it would matter

So oppressed were left alone to suffer on the verge of insanity

To keep it more simple,

Getting what we want through others

Is the equivalent of crossing the desert

And stumbling upon an oasis

That’s why we are the victims

Of a heartbreaking epidemic known as the Bubblegum Tragedy


                                                                       - Abdinasir Abdullah Osman