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Creative Writing

Don't bury me yet

Don't bury me yet

Dear earth, I believe when they say you're 
my life has been moving around in circles & still
find my self on the ground.
Tried to get up & search for some peace, which
is what I never found.
I give my whole heart to everything & everyone
because what goes will come around.

Your soil has buried our families.
Even though you should have buried our
I'm scared to make friends.
they probably fake & interested in what trends.

Open the skies & drop money.
Make me a bee in disguise I need honey.
Take away my hurt, I want to feel like a huge
I'm tired of overthinking, make everything to 
look funny.

Dear earth,
I know Your soil is gonna bury me too.
That’s one thing that has been scaring me too.
Don't swallow me yet I need a son & a legacy to 
carry me too.

- Salma Swity